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Ensalada con Cebollas Crujientes

It's not eating less
is eating 

Functional Medicine and Nutrition


About me

I help you lose weight, manage your stress, improve your quality of sleep, improve your energy levels and performance, and in general to be best version of yourself.


We have appointments in Spanish and English, face-to-face and virtual.

"Taking care of yourself is the best act of self-love"

Adolfo Cabarcas


Controlar la presión arterial
Ensalada vegana saludable
Medicina herbaria

General medicine

Let me listen to your problems and help you find the best one solution for them.

Nutritional Counseling

Do you want to improve your diet? Come and let me teach you how to eat, so you don't have to diet anymore.

Functional Medicine

Space to go deeper and find the root of your problems and correct them, to build health


Kind and nice person, good treatment plan. Excellent location. It generates a lot of tranquility and results.

Louis Mainieri

Excellent attention. The doctor. explains each recommendation in detail. Analyze situations comprehensively. His diagnoses are clear and pertinent. And their recommendations are particular to each situation and are easily applicable.


Professional attention with human quality. Very clear explanations and recommendations. Comfortable and organized facilities. Congratulations

Juan Gonzalo Molina

contact us

Cl. 7 #39-290 Office 510, El Poblado, Medellín

Thank you for contacting us!

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