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Chequeo anual

My Approach

In my practice, we take the time to listen to you, to be very sure that we understand your problem, we dedicate up to one hour per new patient to fully understand all the factors that interfere with their health condition.

With this information we develop a personalized and unique action plan for each patient, starting from general lines and evaluating the individual response of each patient, so that the process is increasingly specific, and fits you perfectly.

my story

I am a 30-year-old young man who has always been interested in and attentive to health problems. From a very early age, my grandparents were the inspiration for this journey and instilled in me the values that should be held with each patient.
I started my medical career at the age of 16 and graduated with honors at the age of 24, from the Metropolitan University of Barranquilla. Since then, I have always been reading and researching new treatments, but above all that work, to solve the problems of my patients.

At the end of my degree I realized that I had gained a few extra kilos, due to shifts in the emergency room and poor nutrition in the medical sector in general, so I began to study how to solve the problem. I tried different approaches, caloric restriction, exercise, weights, running, carb counting, until I came across "Food As Medicine" nutrition from Monash University. This is an approach that seeks to see food as medicine for day to day.

I started giving advice when I noticed that many of the patients in the cardiovascular risk program that I attended were not clear about how they should eat, and more and more patients had better results in their check-ups and felt better about themselves.

On my trip I learned about Functional Medicine from Dr Carlos Jaramillo and his book "The Metabolic Miracle" and it immediately fit perfectly with what I wanted for myself and my patients, so I implemented it in my consultancies, obtaining excellent results. Since then I have not stopped reading and reading these books whose authors have years and years of experience with this model.

I began my specialty in this area at the hands of the Institute for Functional Medicine in the United States, and now I bring you all this information summarized, organized, and ready to help you in your health process.

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